Creative artist Alex Féthière

     The contemporary artist Alex Féthière is an interesting artist that creates various art pieces by using the topic of sustainability in his works with recycled metals. He creates furniture, jewelry, and sculptures from recycled and used scrap metals that he collects. He displays some of his pieces that are made by old metals that are made interestingly.

     The environment is affected little to none by the actions of Alex Féthière. He goes through the process of different tactics to create his unique art pieces, such as melting scrap metals in a furnace with cooking or motor oil. He thoughtfully uses tactics that will minimize pollution to the air and harm the environment. Also, to add detailed etching or cuttings to his projects, he uses natural elements, such as sodium carbonate, and an ionized gas powered welder that produces no smoke. Overall, I rate his works a solid 4 because of all the things he does to avoid harming the environment and using almost nothing but the objects he collects to produce his art pieces.


Reference List

GreenMuze Staff (2012). Sustainable Metal Work. Available at: 11 Jan, 2013.


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