Lauren Karnitz

     Lauren Karnitz, a Tennessee-based artist, is an artist who works with recycled plastics to create beautiful floral arts. She uses a variety of different objects to help make her art pieces, such as bottles, candy wrappers, expired credit cards, straws, and plenty more things. Karnitz’s explores the natural beauty of the environment’s landscape through a child’s eyes with second-use materials.

     The natural works of the artist Lauren Karnitz does not harm the environment or the economy in any way at all, but instead it helps it and makes beautiful art works out of materials that have been recycled. She crafts them by hand and uses natural living elements as her inspiration. Overall, I rate her a 4/5 because of the creativity of making beauty out of second-used objects, and the ability of not using any other resources that require anything that may harm the environment or economy.


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